Amazon Echo vs Google Home

Amazon Echo vs Google Home

The world is advancing every day with new technology springing up beyond human imagination. The wireless technological device has continued to bring up innovation that will make everyone want to get a hold-off. The future of personal digital assistant is smartly providing a worthy assistant to make life easier. Now to cut the suspense, you’ll have heard about the Amazon Echo and Google home, these personal digital assistants are blazing in our world today. Having any of these two smart devices will surely help you solve some problems faster and easier. Join me on this article as I breeze out to you some information about Amazon and Google Home.

What Can They Do?

They are smart hand-free speakers that respond to your voice if ask to perform a various task like getting weather updates, ability to control integrated smart devices, getting an answer to some factual question and most importantly it can automatically play cool songs if requested. By calling their magical voice recognition words you sure to get things done. They are fun tech gadget speakers to have, and it can certainly become indispensable once you start making use of them.

Amazon Echo: is a small smart cylindrical device which was first released in the year 2015. A device designed to stand on any flat surface without any support. This device is integrated with Amazon product for easy buy. So, having this device you will be less worried about shopping the best product online.

Google Home: is a newly released smart speaker that has similar characteristics like the Amazon Echo which uses a high assistant from Google.

How Can I Get Control Of Them?

These smart speakers are both excellent at responding to requests, but without the use of the scripted commands, you might be wasting your time. Am sure you want to know their command codes right. Well here it is;

Amazon Echo: Amazon echo uses only one wake word “Alexa”, So when requesting to perform a task all you need to do is first call out the magical the word followed by what you want it to do for you, Just like this; Alexa play some cool songs. Its wake word helps it understand you easily. The problem with Amazon Echo is that it requires you to phrase things in a particular manner for her to understand, the use language is not always natural.
Google home: It uses two wake word “Google Home”. It produces better answers concerning factual question since it benefits massively from Google’s Knowledge Graph and the power of Google search engine.

The winner for the best voice recognition is the Google home, which is slightly better with an understanding accent and natural language. Also considering the popularly known Google search engine incorporated in it makes it the proven winner which means you can ask for direction or traffic report to anywhere. In comparison, this does not mean that the Google home is better than the Amazon Echo via this aspect because Amazon Alexa can also pull information from a G suite Google calendar, whereas the Google assistant finds it hard.

Smart Home Control

This aspect is the most important criterion of all. Having any of this device, you are sure to have easy control over some of your smart home devices. These products are the most popular personal assistant in the smart home world.

Amazon Echo- is considered the leading ground in the smart home world, due to its ability to control many smart homes devices. It has 15000 + skills with innovation adding every day. Amazon Echo is far better not only because it existed before Google Home, but it can also control many smart devices.


With the new variety of Amazon Echo speakers, this has helped it won the battle of design with Google Home. The Amazon Echo at first comes with just a rigid black sleek looks, but with recent types springing up like the Amazon Echo dot, echo show or Echo Plus it has made there designs looks superb. Google home has always had an attractive design.

Sound Quality

These two smart speakers both have a good quality sound that can fill a large room. The new Amazon Echo has been improved with a 2.5in speaker producing inferior sound quality to the original, but this makes it fine for listening to music due to its reduced bass. The Google Home, by comparison, has a 2in driver and a twin 2in passive radiator makes it extremely powerful and produces good sound quality, Google Homes comes with extra features that support multi-room audio.

Comparing the both is certain that the Amazon Echo is an excellent choice when it comes to producing an overall quality sound due to the sound it produces are highly comfortable while listening.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, Choosing the best or the most preferred all boils down to how you think of both products because it is certain that has time goes on there will surely be upgrades that will contribute to the functionality and improvement of both smart speakers.

For businesses and marketers, it might be ideal you go for the Google home. Because of its ability to answer a wide range of question and the benefit it will bring since it inclined with the use of Google search engine. But if you are a shopaholic and a prime customer, the Amazon Echo or Alexa will be a suitable choice for you.