Top 3 Dash Cams Of 2018

Top 3 Dash Cams Of 2018

Want to capture an entire road trip? Do you desire to have a first-hand video clip of an accident? Well, you definitely need a dash cam. Luckily the market has a plethora of options from which prospective buyers can choose. This, however, presents a hard time for the same purchasers, since they don’t know where to start. For this reason, we created a rounded up list of the top 5 variants currently on offer in the industry.

Garmin Dash Cam 35

Built to match the performance of a flagship device, this model is nothing short of impressive. Garmin has a reputation for making reliable tracking equipment, and Dash Cam 35 sports an impeccable GPS system. Alongside this is full HD camera lens as well as a crisply vivid 3-inch wide display.

Storage is aplenty, with the possibility of making it virtually limitless using the ingrained micro SD card slot. The auto record feature is perhaps the most remarkable spec of this device. In the event of a collision, this feature automatically switches the camera to video recording mode.

Thinkware F770

Nowadays, a considerable number of appliances are compatible with smartphones. The Thinkware F770 sticks to this trend, as it comes with a smartphone app which can connect the camera to the phone via Wi-Fi. From this application, the user can not only view the camera’s footage but can also adjust its positioning.

Equipped with an exceptional 3MP shooter, this model guarantees users of high-resolution images. In the package, a 16GB memory card is included, and it can always be expanded if the need arises. The inbuilt voice assistant is handy in a lot of situation. For example, it alerts the driver when they veer off their lane, when they are too close to another automobile and when the engine halts.

Nextbase 512GW

Sporting a 1440p Sony EXMOR camera lens, the Nextbase 512GW provides top-of-the-range image resolution capabilities. Also included is a polarizing filter, which ensures clarity in low-light conditions and reduces glares in strongly lit environs.

As is customary with Nextbase cameras, the 512GW has the quick release windshield mount. This makes for a snappy experience when either attaching or detaching the cam. The 3″ screen matches the camera’s clarity, with the ingrained GPS providing real-time geographic location data. The accelerometer does a great job in ascertaining the inter-vehicle distance on the road. Though a slot is inbuilt, thus variant does not come with a micro SD card.